approximate tidal differences
Southend            -30 mins
Strood Pier         -10 mins
Thames Barrier  +30 mins
Tower  Bridge    +50 mins

Local Shipping News

February 2016
January 2016
The Frigate SPS ALVERO DE BAZAN, Replenishment Oiler SPS CANTABRIA and HMS IRON DUKE were in the Royal Victoria Dock at the end of the month.
May 2015
Cruise ship HAMBURG's call at London (6th/7th) was cancelled due to high winds.
HMS OCEAN arrived at Greenwich on the 7th .
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EPLORER was assisted leaving the Upper Pool by Kotug's ZP BEAR on the 7th.
FGS WERRA, FGS HYANE and FGS ZOBEL arrived in the West India Dock on the morning of the 8th.
FGS HERMALIN, FGS WIESEL and FGS FRETTCHEN arrived in the afternoon.
RT EVOLUTION arrived at Tilbury Landing Stage on the 11th
April 2015
EUROPEAN SEAWAY arrived back in Tilbury Dock on the 7th. (see August 2014 below)
ELDORADO arrived at Woolwich on the 12th in preparation for Sail Royal Greenwich 2015 and was later joined by MORGENSTER.
HMS DEFENDER arrived at Greenwich  on the 22nd
HMS MIDDLETON arrived at HMS President on the 24th
ESPS MENDEZ NUNEZ arrived West India Dock on the 24th
March 2015
T.S. IVESTON being broken up at E.M.R., Erith on the 11th.  She was built as the "Ton" class minesweeper HMS IVESTON.
Cruise & Maritime's new ship MAGELLAN arrived at Tilbury Landing Stage on the 11th for christening by Gloria Hunniford and various publicity events.
New oil tanks for Dagenham.  The third batch (four tanks) arrived early morning of the 17th in tow of MULTRATUG 20.
New oil tanks for Dagenham.The second shipment (eight tanks) arrived in the Thames on the 14th aboard the pontoon CS 1.
(299/2014)  arrived in the Thames in the 13th (photo -John Townsend.).
New oil tanks for Dagenham. The first four of the new tanks for Dagenham have arrived aboard ROROPONTON4.  In attendance were the pusher tug RIGA and the Damen Shoalbuster 2709 SEA GOLF.  RIGA then went into Tilbury Dock to await the next shipment.
The Tilbury / Gravesend ferry will be replaced by a bus service when both MARCO POLO and BLACK WATCH are in at the same time.
  Seven MCMs visited West India Dock from 19th to 24th.
Something happened to AMANDINE when in Lower Hope Reach on the 24th.  She was later anchored off Southend with SVITZER MERCIA and SVITZER VICTORY in attendance
September 2014
According to one source CHRISTINA O, currently laid up in Chatham Dock, will move to the Thames on the 24th.
Following her attendance at Sail Royal Greenwich the Russian replica frigate SHTANDART visited Southend, Chatham, Ramsgate and London (The Hermitage) before departing for the continent on the 28th.
SVITZER LONDON arrived in the Thames on the 28th and SVITZER LACEBY departed for the Tees on the 30th.
August 2014

Following a further period of lay-up EUROPEAN SEAWAY was moved to Dunkirk on the 18th. She is to be used as a base for wind farm construction workers.
Kotug are maintaining a three boat presence on the Thames on what appears to be a rotational basis.  The latest arrival being YORKSHIREMAN (Photo - John Townsend),
CELESTINE is on the Dagenham / Vlissingen service while UNDINE is away (see below).
In an unexpected move GPS AVENGER has towed ROSS REVENGE (RADIO CAROLINE) to the River Blackwater.
(Photo - John Townsend)

July 2014
  UNDINE was withdrawn from service on the 27th and was dry-docked at Hebburn Shipyard the following day for extensive repairs.   
GEMINI.  Laid up in Tilbury Dock since her stint at the London Olympics departed for Lerwick early on the 12th. She is to be used as an accommodation ship for workers building a new gas plant.
June 2014
Berlin passing Erith 05/06/14 FS CORMORAN was at HMS President 17th to commemorate Charles De Gaulle's radio broadcast to the French people on 18th June 1940.
The cruise ship BERLIN arrived on the 4th.  She had lost the FTI prefix during a refit at Piraeus earlier this year.
HMS MONTROSE, on her first visit to London, sailed on the afternoon tide on the 3rd.
HMS BULWARK sailed early morning on the 3rd and met with HNLMS JOHAN DER WITT off the N.E. Spit to take part in the 70th. anniversary D-Day celebrations off Portsmouth.
May 2014
Bulward in Erith Reach 03/06/14 HMS MONTROSE arrived in the West India Dock on the 29th.
HMS BULWARK arrived  at Greenwich on the 28th as part of the celebrations for the 350th anniversary of the Royal Marines.
SEA SPIRIT left Tilbury Dock on the 25th.
German MCM Squadron.  The West India Dock played host to ten units of the German Navy 15th - 19th.
EMERAUDE FRANCE.  Having been laid up in Tilbury since September 2007  left the Dock in the 14th in tow of the Danish tug HUNTER bound for Piraeus.
April 2014
ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT II.  The 3-masted Barque ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLDT II was alongside HMS BELFAST 26th to 28th.
SAIL ROYAL GREENWICH.  The Topsail Schooner J.R. TOLKEIN arrived at the Royal Arsenal Pier on the 4th.  She sailed for Amsterdam on the 27th having made various trips to the Lower Pool.
SUNBORN.   The  2002 built yacht Hotel SUNBORN PRINCESS/LONDON was moved from Tilbury Power Station to the Royal Victoria Dock on the 1st.
March 2014
GEOSURVAYOR X demonstrating in Royal Victoria Dock KASKELOT.  The 1948 built 3-masted Barque KASKELOT arrived in the West India Dock on the 29th .
CAP SAN LORENZO.  The 9,814 teu CAP SAN LORENZO arrived at the Northfleet Hope Container (upper berth) on the 21st and sailed the following day.
HMC PROTECTOR.  The former Finnish Coast Guard Cutter TAVI arrived on Denton Moorings on the 15th, moved to HMS President on the 16th for naming ceremony, departed for Tilbury Landing Stage on the 18th and left there on the 19th.
OCEANOLOGY INTERNATIONAL.  The first of the vessels attending the bi-annual  Oceanology International Exhibition at Excel arrived on the 8th but there wasn't to be a Naval prescence this time.
RRS DISCOVERY.  Due to bad weather delaying trials following a refit she did not make her planned visit to London on the 8th.
SPEEDWELL.  The former British Waterways tug SPEEDWELL was sighted in Chatham Reach on the 1st. She is also operating on the Thames and in the Estuary and was by the Railway Bridge at Rochester on the 23rd.
February 2014
'Sugar Boat' ISIS passing Coldharbour. FS ANDROMEDE.  The French MCM ANDROMEDE arrived in the West India Dock on the 21st and sailed on the 24th.
The workboat SVITZER LEVEN was sighted in Chatham Reach on the 15th.
ISIS (see below). The ITF suspended the arrest following a payment of $132,000 from the owners and she left Tilbury 17.00 on the 12th bound for Bremen.  Moored in the Lower Hope Reach and later returned to the Tilbury Landing Stage assisted by LACEBY and CECILIA.  Left for Hamburg on the 15th.
January 2014

HMS ARGYLL in the Lower Pool of London
m.t. KENT, m.t. TOUCHSTONE, f.b. MASSEY SHAW and s.b.MELISSA were at the London Boat Show 4th - 12th.
ISIS.  After discharging at Silvertown ISIS went into Tilbury for rectification of deficiencies.  The International Transport Workers Federation later made moves to arrest the vessel on behalf of the crew for non-payment of wages.
MARCO POLO was at Tilbury Landing Stage on the 5th prior to her annual cruise to South America.
FURIOSO (4,244/07) was moved from Erith Oil Works to West Thurrock by the Svitzer tugs LACEBY and BOOTLE on the 7th.
HMS ARGYLL was alongside HMS BELFAST from 15th - 19th.
FGS SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN arrived alongside HMS BELFAST on the 24th for a four- day stay.
November 2013
MEDWAY QUEEN moored in Saltpan Reach on her return the the Medway MEDWAY QUEEN arrived in the Medway on the 18th in tow of the tug CHRISTINE.  She was moored overnight in Saltpan Reach and moved to her new home at Gillingham Pier the following day.